Bow Loom, Bunnies, Baltimore Orioles!

Just when I thought I had seen it all (weaving styles) I participated in a workshop on “Bow Loom Headband Weaving! Now, my first thought when I saw the bowed dowel rod set-up, was “I bet Native Americans used something like this because it could be easily done with a tree branch!”

Well, I was right! Although the weaving is done on a similar “loom”, Native Americans wove like so many Scouts have copied on our “Indian Beadlooms”! Their weft is strung with beads and then the warp threads are separated with a bead in between each one (that is held under the warp threads) and is now ‘captured’ by passing the threaded weft back through the beads on top of the warp.

With our “bow loom”, we threaded beads onto the warp first and then “captured” them along the sides of the warp threads. Here is a photo that explains it better.


The “sponge bridge” holds back the beads until you are ready to incorporated them into the headband.  BTW: this technique is featured in the May/June 2011 issue of Handwoven Magazine, if you’d like to explore further.

I’ve really been enjoying loving on my bunnies lately! They are the sweetest! Here are some recent pics:

My lovely Red Satin Angora doe, Martha

My sweet Red Satin/French Angora buck, Nehemiah


Lovely Saint Catherine

They definately keep me busy BUT they are the best medicine in the world! They are better than Prozac with only GREAT side effects! I call them my “endorphin bunns”!


  •  About Baltimore Orioles!!! OMG! I never expected to see these lovely birds here in south Texas! But here they are! I have some pics to prove it! 🙂

Sitting on a post of my bird stationIsn't he/she gorgeous??????


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