Dolls and Roosters…

The old black dolls and other rag dolls that were made in southern Louisiana long ago, are a favorite collection of mine. And I love roosters so I am pondering on making some patterns to sew some of these two types of dolls. I think the rooster would be cool done in say batik fabrics!

I made Colonial dolls for an historic park in Virginia, there was a White Colonial Girl  named “Abigail” and a Black Colonial doll, named Lucy. They each had their aprons, long dresses, and pantaloons.  It’s such fun making their clothes and dressing them 🙂 I don’t think any girl gets too old to play with dolls!

Here is a pic. of a favorite doll that I acquired some where in Virginia I think. She sits by my computer and inspires me to design more dolls.


At a recent historical exhibit here in Texas, I saw many of these types of dolls and was so glad to have one in my possession! 🙂 I also saw there many of the black dolls, dressed in their bright red outfits with that sweet red polka-dotted scarf on their heads. They are another favorite motif of mine. 
Here are some cross stitched kitchen towels with the “Mammy type” motifs on them.

I feel the lure of making dolls starting to take hold, I better see what fabrics I can find to do some! Til next time, peace to all! charline


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