Cool nights, nice days!….

     Woke up thinking about tomaotes!!! Planting them this is 🙂 These great cool nights and nice days surely won’t last long, and I’ll  need to get started on what gardening I plan to do. Last year my tomatoes burned up in the hot Texas sun, this year I’ll put them in 5 gal. buckets on my front porch!

Spent a lovely weekend doing historic interpretation at a local State Park, love wearing those clothes! 

    Teaching people and especially children about spinning cotton was fun! It was grown right there on the Farm and planted, harvested, and de-seeded in part by children coming to visit! Now they can say they are true “Texas Cottonpickers”! 🙂

My first great grandchild will soon be welcomed into the world! Where does time go?!?! Quilt is almost finished to send to her!

welcome sweet baby girl!

Gotta finish newsletter for the website  so will say so long for now, visit “the-ol-homestead” when you click on the website!  Peace! Charline


About charsbackporch

weaver, spinner, knitter, digitizer, homesteader, animal lover, chocolate lover, country living lover, Mama, grandmother, wife, friend, crafter, needleworker.
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