Eggs and history…

    Finally getting a nice number of eggs from my 15 hens! I got 7 yesterday! Understand that some of them are still “young adults” 🙂 so I am expecting great things in the future! Chickens can be so much fun to watch! They got out of their yard the other day due to my leaving the gate open ;-), and when I tried to get them back in, they are so spoiled that they sit and wait for me to pick them up and take them back inside!

      Historic interpretation wearing those wonderfully comfortable clothes from the 1850’s, gives one such a sense of serenity! Walking the grounds of the house of the last President of the Republic of Texas, really transports a person back to a time when the major concerns were to clothe the family by growing cotton to spin/weave, and keeping animals to plow the fields for food and crops and medicines. 

Walking among the herbs growing in the gardens produces the most delightful of smells, and they also provide medicines, flavorings for foods, potpourris, and 
a great satisfaction of using natural plants for many applications!

Well, better get busy, rabbits and chickens need feeding and gotta get my rabbit kisses too! Peace! Charline


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