Karlie, dolls, bluebonnets

Welcome to my darling great granddaughter, Karlie! All 6 lbs. 6 ozs. of sweetness arrived yesterday. 🙂 I’m loving my new status as a great grandmother! Thankfully my quilt arrived in time for her birth! Kisses to you sweetheart!

Been working with polymer clay to make doll faces/heads. Girls never get too old to play with dolls, now do they? 🙂 I’ve always loved dolls and have made plenty of cloth dolls, but now I want to learn to sculpt! 😛 Got plenty of videos to watch, now all I need is the time to watch them and try out the techniques! 🙂

Spring is definately in the air, but it’s so so dry! The bluebonnets just won’t be as they were last year, so prolific they were then!

The whole yard looked like this last year! Without the rains of Springtime, our farmers and ranchers are going to be in desperate situations. We are all praying for rain!

Here is a bluebonnet that I digitized for my embroidery machine from pics that I took in my yard last year. It’s on my page at: http://jacsoriginals.com/the-ol-homestead.html

I do LOVE the bluebonnets!

Well, better get bunnsfed and petted and chickens let out into their yard. Y’all take care and we’ll see ya later on….Charline


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weaver, spinner, knitter, digitizer, homesteader, animal lover, chocolate lover, country living lover, Mama, grandmother, wife, friend, crafter, needleworker.
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