I’m B-A-A-A-A-C-K!

It’s been a while since I posted on this blog and I do apologize!
It took us three months to get moved to our new place! Hubby and
I both had “workshops” to move as well as  a dozen rabbits and a large
rabbitry, and then there’s the 9 hens! I had to build a new chicken coop,
luckily on the property there is a child’s swing set in redwood!
The bottom part was a perfect place for the coop!
The top part is storage at it’s best and the swings still are there for the grandchildren!


We had to have the rabbitry moved, it’s a refrigerated box off an 18-wheeler you see.
But things are shaping up nicely! I am installed in my workshop, have two looms all
set up and working, and many plans for weaving dancing in my head 🙂 Here are the two

Gotta go get warping and weaving I reckon! Check back often, I’ll be updating this blog more as things progress, also check out the website: http://jacsoriginals.com and sign up for the monthly newsletter! We’ll talk again soon! Pray for rain!


About charsbackporch

weaver, spinner, knitter, digitizer, homesteader, animal lover, chocolate lover, country living lover, Mama, grandmother, wife, friend, crafter, needleworker.
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