Birdies, Twining, and Rag Rugs

It’s Sunday morning, sitting here on the porch watching the redbirds
and chickadees at my feeders and birdbaths is such a delightful way to
have my first cup of coffee! It’s relatively cool still, it’s 7 am and it’s about
75 degrees so far. I hear a mourning dove in the distance!


The redbirds are telling each other that the restaurant is open! I hear their “clicks” as the
spread the news. 🙂


I’ve let the chickens out into their yard but not out into the rest of our place
just yet. I want my eggs laid in the nest, NOT in the woods! 😉 I’ve filled up
their water pans so that when I do let them out, they can rest their feet in
the water since the sand is so hot!  They are so funny standing there in the
water with their wings away from their bodies to allow for cooling.

 I came across something very interesting last evening, while surfing around
the ‘net for “weaving” stuff 🙂 Now, I am something of an addict when it comes
to things like weaving. I only have two looms that sit on the floor for weaving things like rugs, fabric, but I have tons of other types of looms also like beading looms, 4″ weave-its looms, etc. I’m telling you this so that you know that the last thing I need is to discover
some new-to-me weaving technique ! 🙂

W-e-l-l, it seems that the American Indian have been “twining bags” for centuries!
I thought I knew about twining, having seen some done and done a little myself!
Let me tell ya! The rich history behind this technique blew me over! Here’s a pic I saw
one site:

For instance, here is a link that will totally amaze you! .

You gotta see this one too! .Absolutely amazing and absorbing!!!!
So I see yet another loom (or two, one small and one larger of course) are on the
drawing board in the shop 🙂 I have a huge interest in things about American Indians
for some reason. Actually, anything that our foremothers, our ancestors and the
peoples who lived before us did to survive really holds my interest!

So nowadays, I am working on weaving some rag rugs like our grandmothers did
and making some “mug rugs” for coffee cups and such.
Here are pics of the two looms in the shop right now,

Annabelle and Isabel are both my loves! Don’t have room for more or I’d have others too! hahahahah

Ok, it’s time to go refill the coffee cup, been nice visiting with ya! Y’all take care and please
pray for rain for us!!! Charline


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