Thunder, Insulation, Navajos

Well, we got some rain! Ok, it was just a kind of shower, but it was wet!
We had thunder last night and kept looking to see if it was raining but no go!
The poor farmers and ranchers here in Texas are suffering so! The water that I
put in the shallow pan for the chickens to walk in for their hot feet, gets almost
as hot as the outside temps! Poor things!

I’ve been kept busy lately with insulating my workshop! I’ve never put up insulation
before, and it being fiberglas batts, was a little intimidating but I jumped in with both
feet and “got ‘er done”! On the ceiling and under the two lofts in the shop, I am putting
up panels of insulation that are silvery on one side. It’ll help reflect the light which is a
good thing with weaving!



 I can hardly wait til I can spend a day out there in the shop with my looms! I plan to start this week making rag rugs on Isabel, the Union Rug Loom, and I hope to make some more mug rugs on Annabelle as well. But mostly, I plan to “be” in the workshop, and let creativity take her rein!

I am starting another project that I can’t wait to get going on! I got the supplies for making my very own Navajo Rug Loom! This will bring a new dimension to the workshop, as it is totally different from weaving on Isabel and Annabelle! For one thing, Navajo rug weaving uses wool, not cotton like the rag rugs use, and not fleece like the mug rugs. It’s also done on a vertical loom! The Navajo have a rich history of weaving in their past as well as their present! I am delighted to be learning a new technique as well as delving into history! After all, I am a history buff who absolutely loves dressing up as though I lived in another century and showing people how to spin, weave, knit as our foremothers did!

Well, y’all all take care, and in the words of the Navajo, “walk in beauty”!

Charline, from oh-so-hot Texas! 



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