Rag Rugs, Salt Glazed Pottery, Chickens

Mornin’ to all of you! I’m finally out in my shop early enough to actually get some weaving done! Been working on making a rag rug for hubby’s bathroom and my own. Here’s a pic. of some progress so far….

end of hubby’s rug, start of mine 🙂

The first rug is all browns/gold solids and printed gold, mine will be white and solid gold. I like the way the warp threads of  lavender, turquoise, green, yellow and brown and off white show so well on the white parts of my rug! Makes it match a lot of things in my bathroom!

This pic shows the heading for a hem that will go on my rug, the other one will have fringes 🙂

I’ve been working on creating machine embroidery designs of salt glaze pottery! I always loved the dove greys and dark blues that accent it. Here is a good explanation of just what “salt glazed pottery” really is all about:  “Salt glazing is an ancient process for tempering pottery. Dried pots are loaded into large kilns and slowly heated to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit and then coated in salt. When exposed to this extreme temperature, the salt immediately explodes and vaporizes. The vapor combines with the clay to form a unique, beautiful and durable glazed pottery that is fun to collect and display.” (from ehow.com.)

Here is one stitchout:

cute little round cream pitcher


I love collecting this pottery, and thought that a set of designs using it would be great on kitchen towels, napkins, tablecloths etc.! I’ll be adding these designs to my website:

http://jacsoriginals.com/the-0l-homestead.html soon and offering a FREE design of salt glazed pottery there!


Well, the heat continues here in Texas. I so wanted to have herbs to harvest but I lost my maters to the heat and I am not going to risk herbs until the heat and drought break!

The chickens are laying a little better now. They were slacking off there for a while. 🙂 Can’t blame them though! I now change their water for their hot feet twice a day. The birdies are grateful as every for those sunflower seeds! Prices sure have gone up on those as well as other feeds with this drought in Texas!  They are managing to stay fat little buggers though as well as the hens!

So y’all take care til next time, and walk in beauty and peace! Charline in hot Texas!



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