Wildfires! Redbirds, Oriole!

Here in Texas, we are under a “red flag warning” covering the entire state! We have so many wildfires erupting that it ‘s hard to keep up! Evacuation orders are going out all around where we live, so far, we are only experiencing occasional falling ash from nearby fires. We did smell smoke last night and this morning also!

Today is the first cool day we’ve had, it was 63 wonderful degrees this morning! So nice to have a break!

The firefighters are struggling to keep up and try to contain these many wildfires! Many have had to go to the hospital due to heat exhaustion. They are working around the clock and many places are taking donations of water etc. for them! The Bastrop fire has consumed 30,000 acres so far! This includes half or more of the State Park there! And this is only one fire in our area!

Been enjoying the birds at the feeders!

Redbirds wait their turn!

Can you spot the redbirds as they wait for their turn at the feeders? I love all those red specks in the green trees!

redbird on feeder

This is a very common site these days, I just pray that the wildfires don’t affect the birds, so many farmers and ranchers are selling off their cattle etc. because they can’t sustain them due to the drought, and now the wildfires are threatening everything and everyone!

I actually saw an oriole this morning just after I’d finished filling the hummingbird feeders from last year. I didn’t know there were orioles in the area! I was delighted! But of course, didn’t have my camera with me! I won’t make that mistake again! I am hoping to get pics of the blue jays and the orioles as well soon!
Well, gotta go see about chickens’ waterers and toss a few more sunflower seeds in the feeders, so y’all take care and keep us in your prayers! Thanks, Charline

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