Eggs and history…

    Finally getting a nice number of eggs from my 15 hens! I got 7 yesterday! Understand that some of them are still “young adults” 🙂 so I am expecting great things in the future! Chickens can be so much fun to watch! They got out of their yard the other day due to my leaving the gate open ;-), and when I tried to get them back in, they are so spoiled that they sit and wait for me to pick them up and take them back inside!

      Historic interpretation wearing those wonderfully comfortable clothes from the 1850’s, gives one such a sense of serenity! Walking the grounds of the house of the last President of the Republic of Texas, really transports a person back to a time when the major concerns were to clothe the family by growing cotton to spin/weave, and keeping animals to plow the fields for food and crops and medicines. 

Walking among the herbs growing in the gardens produces the most delightful of smells, and they also provide medicines, flavorings for foods, potpourris, and 
a great satisfaction of using natural plants for many applications!

Well, better get busy, rabbits and chickens need feeding and gotta get my rabbit kisses too! Peace! Charline

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Cool nights, nice days!….

     Woke up thinking about tomaotes!!! Planting them this is 🙂 These great cool nights and nice days surely won’t last long, and I’ll  need to get started on what gardening I plan to do. Last year my tomatoes burned up in the hot Texas sun, this year I’ll put them in 5 gal. buckets on my front porch!

Spent a lovely weekend doing historic interpretation at a local State Park, love wearing those clothes! 

    Teaching people and especially children about spinning cotton was fun! It was grown right there on the Farm and planted, harvested, and de-seeded in part by children coming to visit! Now they can say they are true “Texas Cottonpickers”! 🙂

My first great grandchild will soon be welcomed into the world! Where does time go?!?! Quilt is almost finished to send to her!

welcome sweet baby girl!

Gotta finish newsletter for the website  so will say so long for now, visit “the-ol-homestead” when you click on the website!  Peace! Charline

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Dress and Kindle

Sounds like a crazy combination I know, but….I am working on finishing that quilt for my first great grand child, and I decided I needed a new dress for the historical interpretation that I do near here. I finished it while waiting for files to be converted on my Kindle!! It takes a while on this old ‘puter! 🙂 

Had to go chase in the rooster from the chicken yard into the coop where he’ll be safe tonight. Stubborn boy! A Dominicker got out earlier and when I went out to get her back in the yard, she came right to me and squatted down waiting for me to pick her up and take her back home! That’s the one that laughs!!! No kidding! She laughs and sounds just like me! I need to record her sometime, she’s so funny!

Living the farm life is never dull that’s for sure! Been nursing a sick bunn, but he’s a trooper! Found an egg in the hay shed from the other day when the chickens got out while my daughter was feeding!  It was a green one! Yep, I got a chicken that lays blue/green eggs!

Well, thinking about making some more nightgowns and summer tops, the sewing bug has bit again! 🙂 Y’all take care, love life, it’s such a gift! Charline

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Wrens and a Quilt…

There’s a visitor at the bird feeders this morning, a little Carolina Wren! Word must have spread about the black oil sunflower cafe! So far, mostly the Black Capped Chickadees, Cardinals, Goldfinches and the occasional Dove have been the main partakers of the feast each day. It’s nice to see that others are checking it out!

My favorite childhood memory is of coming home from school, and finding all the windows open in the house cause Mama had been cleaning and the curtains blowing in the breeze! And today we are having one of those wonderful days!!  

I’ve almost completed a quilt for my first great grand child, due March 12th. Here is a sneak peak, have to do the binding yet…

Well, better get the chickens fed and watered, so nice to be getting eggs every day!

Peace! Charline

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Dolls and Roosters…

The old black dolls and other rag dolls that were made in southern Louisiana long ago, are a favorite collection of mine. And I love roosters so I am pondering on making some patterns to sew some of these two types of dolls. I think the rooster would be cool done in say batik fabrics!

I made Colonial dolls for an historic park in Virginia, there was a White Colonial Girl  named “Abigail” and a Black Colonial doll, named Lucy. They each had their aprons, long dresses, and pantaloons.  It’s such fun making their clothes and dressing them 🙂 I don’t think any girl gets too old to play with dolls!

Here is a pic. of a favorite doll that I acquired some where in Virginia I think. She sits by my computer and inspires me to design more dolls.


At a recent historical exhibit here in Texas, I saw many of these types of dolls and was so glad to have one in my possession! 🙂 I also saw there many of the black dolls, dressed in their bright red outfits with that sweet red polka-dotted scarf on their heads. They are another favorite motif of mine. 
Here are some cross stitched kitchen towels with the “Mammy type” motifs on them.

I feel the lure of making dolls starting to take hold, I better see what fabrics I can find to do some! Til next time, peace to all! charline

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farm life…

Life on the farm is always changing and always exciting. The hens having just started laying eggs, have now decided that their quite large and roomy cages are just not sufficient for their needs, so they’ve started laying eggs right out in the open in their yard!!! I went to a lot of trouble to give them a nice, clean, full-of-hay, very large and roomy cages in which to lay eggs and even provided a nice ladder for them to climb to get in there, and of all things I had to grab my newly laid egg right from under the noses of the guineas!!!! I was NOT about to let them get MY egg! I paid for that egg!! 🙂

I recently sheared one of my new babies from my first Red Satin Angora litter. Take a look at that wool!!!!! I had 4 of them to shear. They are lovely! Two of them are fawn colored, one is black and one is brown, sure makes for delicious dreams of spinning their wool!

So, in between all this, I am working on the website too: and hoping to
have more traffic to the site soon. Our first newsletter is on it’s way to being published, stop by and sign up! Y’all have a great day and remember to stop and smell the roses along the way!


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Remedies …

Well, of course I came down with a sore throat, after all, it IS wintertime! And something my Daddy used to tell me kept running around in my brain, so I thought, what the heck, I’ll try it. Well, the sore throat is no more!!

What I did was to put about 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and sip on it whenever I thought about it. Well, let me tell ya, Daddy was right! Two days of this sipping and the sore throat was totally gone!

I know that using local honey is good for allergies and I’d read that the vinegar restored the acid level of the throat, and I guess it is true! Thank goodness for down home remedies! Sure glad that my visit to Louisiana wasn’t ruined!

I’ve been working hard on perfecting machine embroidery designs to put on my website:  and thinking of “down home” tools like wheelbarrows, hay bales, shovels and rakes, etc. to digitize. Taking care of my chickens and rabbits and gardening in the country provide me with so many ideas to share!

I’ll be heading home soon, to put those ideas into designs and posting some on the website. Well, y’all take care, and remember, whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right!!!!!!

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